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Meal Deal


Check out the lineup and quantities in this package! Talk about a steal of a deal- we dare you to find a better value!

Keepin' It Real


We are just keeping it real with this gift package because it contains everything from ramen to coffee; peanut butter to cupcakes. One of our most popular packages - We are just sayin that this package is the real deal.

Snack Attack


When a snack attack hits sack it with a pack full of Frito Lay chips and other goodies. Crunchy and flavorful, the snack attack bag makes a great gift!

The Champion


The Champion is a winner, bringing over 40 favorite products together in one gift package.


All That & A Bag of Chips


Not much more you can think of with this bag - and do not worry - it has a great assortment of chips too. This bag offers one of our largest varieties of snack, soups, sweet and salty treats, plus tasty beverages to tie it all together.

Birthday Surprise


Wish that special person in your life a happy birthday that lets them know you are always there for them! This Birthday delight gives that loved one a complete assortment of snacks, sweet and beverages to brighten up that special day.

Holy Habanero


Hold on to this South of the Border gift featuring a collection of hot pepper treats, cheeses, tortilla chips, chili and more! Guaranteed to send your test buds on a real trip.



This Munchies bag is perfect for those that get the craving - whether, sweet, salty, crunchy or thirsty. The Munchies contains a variety of popular snacks to solve the craving.


Specialty Bag


Everybody gets to feel special when you purchase your loved one this gift from iCare. A large variety of meats, tuna, soups, snacks and treats will make them feel special for days.

Wake Me Up


Wake Me Up, Before you go-go. Do not leave this perfect wake up gift hanging solo. The Wake Me Up gift is a terrific selection for the coffee and breakfast lovers. Filled with coffee, cappuccino and some tasty breakfast treats to start the day.

Sweet Snacks


Specially made for the new year, this limited gift bag has all their sweet and savory favorites. Get our best offer for a limited time only.

Viewing 1 to 11 of 11 products